go towards the sun

Long time no see... Again. So sorry for that. It is a holidays time! I almost finished writing my bachelor's thesis so I decided to come back to my home town. Few days ago my bff @dobrychlop visited me, so we took some photos of my latest outfit. Hope you like it.

PS I know more of you are polish viewers, but sometimes I prefer to write in english. Don't know why. What you think about that? Should I translate this, write just in polish, or both?

xx M
 wearing: sh shorts & shirt & jacket, Zara shoes, H&M belt,
tuscan's bag, Stradivarius sunnies


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  1. ^^♪ Easier this time to find a song! )

  2. You should do exactly what you feel. No more nor less. I know that feeling - I sometimes prefer to talk or write in english as well :)