Iceland dream

 That was the most amazing time I've ever had during modeling job. I flew to Iceland for work, but acctually it diddn't feel like that. People I met and places I saw were ones of a kind, unique. All the 'running around', 'feeling love and drone in the air', 'being happy' (my cheeks were hurting) were tiring but in a good memory way.

So here I want to thank everyone that were there, for amazing time we've spent together. It was pleasure to meet and work with you guys. Love M.

ofc mirror selfie time
bearly visible aurora.. but still (!!!)
inside a music hall in Reykjavik (harpa)
polish sister
smiling becon on the last day in Iceland (just to cheer me up before I leave)
those amazing guys - I love you all! (not everyone on this pic)
hope to see you again!


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  1. słodki jeżu w malinach, jak tam pięknie! <3

  2. Looks really incredible! I've built an Iceland blog as well. Reykjavik was my favorite!